Find Your 10K Biz Idea!

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Are you wishing for a way to earn some extra income for your family, stop working so many hours, or plan for your retirement? Maybe you don’t feel you have anything special or unique to offer.


Friend, that means YOU.

We are here to guide you through a transformative journey of discovery, hope, and possibility that will change the game for your life and family.

Why This Workshop?

Hand Holding: We will walk you through doubt and overwhelm to discover that you actually have a treasure trove of ideas within you. Our self-discovery process will help you uncover the treasures inside YOU!

Simple Steps: We'll walk you through brainstorming, evaluating, and choosing your best idea.

Low Risk: We've made this class a NO-BRAINER price (just $10) so you can feel good at making this investment in yourself... and your future! We want you to be so AMAZED at the value you receive that you'll want to work with us going forward ;)

During this class you will...

  • Walk through our 3 Simple Steps to discover your very own 10K Biz Idea
  • Learn the secret for turning ideas into products quickly and easily (this is how we do it!)
  • Discover how to assess demand, competition, and potential gaps in your market. You'll make informed decisions based on facts, not guesses.
  • Overcome Challenges of inner doubts, tech-phobia, and more, so that you MOVE FORWARD!

When it comes to starting, running, and building a business, we understand the ins and outs. We've done it many times... some with huge success and some not so much. We are open books and our years of experience (both successes and failures) will drastically reduce your learning curve. We can't wait to help you!

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Don't miss out on your coordinating worksheets!

These beautifully designed pages include everything from our workshop and TONS OF BONUS CONTENT that we can't fit in, including full sections on product planning and market research. These 37 pages of worksheets alone will be instrumental in your success!

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