A simple on-ramp for the woman looking to start a side-hustle a little more quickly! It is packed with the strategies & tools to bring life to your digital marketing business

This is for you if you are:

  • A brand new beginner with zero experience making passive income wanting to keep things simple & straightforward
  • A person who’s stuck or lost in digital marketing and in need of strategies to get unstuck
  • A person who wants to grow & scale their digital marketing business
  • Want extra training on content marketing... even faceless marketing!

Welcome to...

What's inside Simply Passive

  • 45+ videos included
  • Neutral branding & aesthetic
  • All modules/lessons taught faceless
  • Easy & straightforward on-ramp for beginners to learn how to go from A-Z with digital marketing
  • How to build a solid foundation & make sustainable passive income for years to come
  • Branding yourself Finding your voice Niches — how to figure out WHO to serve and HOW to serve them
  • How to create your own digital products based on what you’re passionate about (and templates to get started!)
  • All the tech/setup to list your own digital product in a simple way
  • Storytelling email marketing (Flodesk) & email templates
  • Captions, hashtags & hooks
  • Selling in stories
  • How to sell in DM’s
  • Deep dive into content creation strategies
  • Deep dive into social media strategies
  • Creating & setting up StanStore
  • Lead magnets/freebies (with templates!)
  • Time management
  • Content batching
  • Faceless Marketing Content modules
  • Mindset Automation tools — and when & how to use them!

AND it comes with Master Resell Rights, which means that you can resell the course for 100% profit!

This is not the Roadmap 2.0, which we highly recommend as step 1.

Simply Passive complements the Roadmap as a step 2 or if you want to keep it simple.

They go great together.

Our Story

Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista

We are just two women, just like you, who know what it's like to struggle with paying our bills from month to month. We have woken in the middle of the night stressed about not having enough money to buy our teenager new shoes or replace a broken faucet.

We know what it's like to have a medical bill due and no idea how we will cover it. We know how it feels to work and work... and it's just not enough.

We have felt the anxiety of putting the card in the reader at the grocery store, unsure if it would be accepted. We know what it's like to avoid going out to dinner on a special occasion because we might not be able to cover our power bill if we do.

We are just two women, just like you, but we have found an answer.

Here's the thing. We also know what it's like to start an online business. And we have done it the hard way... more than once. We spent THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars (and countless hours) starting ours. See, we have been business partners (and best friends) for over five years and ran successful online individual businesses for years before that (yep, we're ancient in "internet years").

We feel like this course is great if you want to go deeper into SM marketing and sales strategies... or if you don't necessarily want a full business with domains and funnels to get started.

It's beautiful, simple, and ready to implement quickly!

A bit about us personally. As a career missionary (AJ) and a pastor's wife (Jen), we have spent the last 27+ years mentoring others in their relationship with God. Collectively, we've adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put our husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started our own successful businesses, served as military wives, volunteered in schools, and homeschooled kids.

We bring decades of ministry and life experience to the women we serve in Sojo Academy, the global community of women we run together, and we can't wait to serve you, too!

Jen and AJ

What do I receive with my purchase?

Access to an online course that is a simple on-ramp for beginners who have been through The Roadmap OR want a simple way to learn how to make passive income from home (or anywhere).

Simply Passive is packed with the strategies & tools you need to bring LIFE to your digital marketing business.

Are there any hidden fees?

NO. There are no surprise monthly fees. With your ONE Time purchase, you receive the digital product business training. If you resell the course, your customers pay YOU directly, we never take a dime when you resell it.

We are developing our own products that can definitely help you in your journey, but these are optional!

I've heard I can make 100% profit from reselling this course... how does that work?

It's because of something called Master Resell Rights. True MRR products allow you to buy a digital product ONE Time and resell that same product as your own for 100% profit. You DO NOT have to create the product because it was already created for you. However, this is not the best reason to purchase this course! There's so much to learn.

Do I have to sell the course?

Absolutely not. This is completely up to you. We recommend Simply Passive for the training and mentorship it offers. We see this course as a way to sell your own products simply or as a perfect additional training for The Roapmap. The MRR is simply a bonus to get you started... or add to your library of products as it seems appropriate.

This is not the Roadmap 2.0, which we highly recommend as step 1.

Simply Passive complements the Roadmap as a step 2 or if you want to keep it simple.

They go great together.


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